Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dr. Bach and the Jazz Practitioners are having a ball playing various venues (see Schedule below) including the 40th  Sacramento Music Festival in 2012.  The band has recently recorded their 3rd CD entitled "Dr. Bach and the Jazz Practitioners Deliver The Bear Necessities".
Charlie Gehlbach ( Dr. Bach )--Trumpet, Leader, Singer of Silly Songs
Jim Elsaas---------------------------Guitar, Banjo, Vocals, Creative lyrics
Angela Elsaas----------------------Vocals
Jerry Lopes-------------------------Bass, Tuba
Barbara Beland--------------------Piano
Tom Brier-------------------------- Piano
Jim Roberson----------------------Drums
Norm Gary-------------------------Reeds
Jay Paulus--------------------------Trombone
Wednesday, May 16----Straw Hat Pizza                   6:30 - 9 pm
                                      2929 Mather Field Rd. -
                                      Rancho Cordova
Friday, May 26, 2012---Sacramento Music Festival--1 pm--Golden Eagle Room
                                                                                    4 pm-Courtyard D'Oro
Sunday, May 28------------------------------------------11:30am-Hyatt Ballroom
                                                                                    4pm--Holiday Inn John Q's
                                                                                    7 pm-Laugh's Unlimited-Front Room
Saturday, June 9----------Emigh Hardware---------     10am - 2pm
                                       3555 El Camino Ave
Sunday, June 10----------Emigh Hardware-------------10am - 2 pm
Wednesday , June 13----Straw Hat Pizza                  6;30 - 9 pm
Sunday, June 17----------Graeagle Jazz Festival-------1 - 5 pm
                                      Graeagle, CA
Wednesday, August 8   Straw Hat Pizza                   6:30 - 9 pm
Sunday, August 12        Nevada County Fair            5:30 and 7 pm
                                       Pine Tree Stage
                                       Grass Valley, CA
Wednesday, Sept. 12----Straw Hat pizza                    6:30 - 9 pm